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  • What are your phone options?
    Our number is 412-344-6700. We are now using an IVR option to allow our staff to work as efficiently as possible. Option 1 -- This line is for prescribers only. It is used for a doctor, prescriber, or prescriber agent leave a message containing a new prescription or other medical information. Our system does not pick up patient calls on this line. Option 2 -- This line will provide you with our hours of operation. Option 3 -- This line will leave a message for the pharmacy staff. It is good for refilling prescriptions, calling in a delivery order, asking for information about your prescriptions/order, or for giving information to the pharmacy staff and the pharmacist. A pharmacy staff member or pharmacist will return your call. Option 4 -- This line goes to Diane. It is good for questions about vaccines or other medical inquiries, or if you have a question about a bill or charge that you received from us. Option 5 -- This line rings directly into the pharmacy. If you would like to speak to one of our staff that the time of calling, this is the best option. It is good for checking a status of a prescription/order, scheduling a vaccine appointment, asking about copay or insurance information, questions about stock and general merchandise, etc.
  • How can I request a refill for my medication?
    At this time, the most reliable way to refill your medication is to give us a call! Our number is 412-344-6700 Option 3 will allow you to leave a message for our pharmacists and pharmacy staff! Another option is to request your refill online using Your Pharmacy Online, provided by HealthMart. ** The patient portal is a work in progress with the software company -- please be patient as they make the necessary changes to give you the best patient experience possible**
  • Can I get generic medication even though my doctor prescribed the brand name?
    Yes! Pennsylvania law permits pharmacists to substitute a less expensive generically equivalent drug for a brand name drug unless you or your physician direct otherwise. ​ Unless a generic substitution is not available, or you or your doctor request otherwise, we will fill your medication with the equivalent generic product to allow you the most cost savings possible.
  • Will my insurance cover any medication that I purchase?
    That depends on your plan! The fastest way to find out is to call the patient number on the back of your insurance card or to visit the patient portal if your insurance provider has one. Most insurances will cover the prescription medications that we carry as a community pharmacy, but some may require a prior authorization. Some insurances may even cover OTC medications!
  • What does it mean when my prescription requires a prior authorization?
    A prescription requiring a prior authorization means that the medication is expensive, so your insurance will only pay for it if your prescriber can justify why it is the best option for you. The course of action depends on the insurance plan and the medication. The first thing that we do is submit the prior authorization to your prescriber to fill out. Once the prescriber sends the form in, the insurance company reviews it and determines if the medication is appropriate to pay for. Sometimes, insurance plans will require you to use a less expensive alternate medication first. If your medication is stuck in a prior authorization, we will help you find a solution.
  • What happens when my prescription is out of refills?
    We will send your prescriber a refill request for you! You can also give your prescriber's office a call and let them know that you are in need of refills and that the pharmacy sent over a request. Please allow your prescriber time to send the refill request. Depending on the prescriber and when the request was sent, it can take your prescriber up to a few days to send or call in a new prescription.
  • Who should I talk to about my medication?
    That depends! Our techicians are able to assist with many questions in a quicker manner, as the pharmacist on duty can get very busy. Here are some examples of what our technicians can help you with: - Refilling your medication(s) and preparing an order - When your next refill is due/when your insurance will pay for your medication - Status of your prescription or order: they can check to see if your doctor/prescriber sent in your prescription or if your medication is ready - Number of refills left on your prescription - Sending a refill request to your prescriber to obtain a new prescription - Gathering patient information, including name, birthday, address, insurance, payment, etc. - Medication costs and copays The technician will refer you to the pharmacist when: - You have a question about your medication/therapy, regimen, interactions, etc - You have a question about OTC medications - There is something that they are not sure about
  • Do you have pet meds?
    Yes, we dispense medications prescribed by veterinarians all the time! We provide medications for pets of all shapes and sizes. Some medications come manufactured, or if your pet needs a specific medication unique to them, we are able to compound that medication for you. There are certain medications, like those for heartworm protection, that we are not able to stock due to the nature of the medication. We work closely with many veterinarians in the area and will work with you and your vet to find what suits your pet best. Unfortunately, we are unable to take pet insurance at this time.
  • Who should I talk to when I have a question about insurance or a prescription copay?
    Our pharmacists and pharmacy technicians will work to answer your questions! If you are wondering what your copay for a medication is, any of our technicians will be able to help. If you have questions about a changing copay, a high copay, or other drug coverage questions, the best way to get answers is to call your insurance company's member services line, often found on the back of your insurance card. Unfortunately, since insurances do not allow us to always view plan information, we may not be able to answer your question to the fullest, but we will try our best! To contact the pharmacy staff by phone, please call 412-344-6700 Option 5.
  • Who should I talk to about a bill that I received from Lebanon Shops Pharmacy?
    If you have a question about your balance, a bill you received for your store charge account, or a question about a credit card charge, Diane is the best person to contact. You can leave her a voicemail by calling 412-344-6700 Option 4 and she will get back to you with a solution as quickly as possible.
  • How can I dispose of old medication?
    We have a secure medication disposal dropbox located in the pharmacy through a partnership with the Castle Shannon Police Department and the DEA. If you walk straight back towards the pharmacy, to the right by our home healthcare section, you'll see a large green box where you can drop medications safely and anonymously.
  • Are appointments required?
    No, but they are preferred. Appointments reduce your wait time, prevent overcrowding in the pharmacy, and allow us to ensure that we have supplies available. Patients with vaccine appointments take priority over walk in patients. If you'd like to walk in, our nurse is available: Tuesdays 4:30 - 7 Wednesdays 11 - 6:30 Fridays 11 - 6:30
  • What should I do if I need to cancel or reschedule my vaccine appointment?
    If you find yourself needing to cancel your appointment, no problem! There are a couple different options. If you scheduled your appointment online, you can cancel or reschedule an appointment by looking at the bottom of your appointment confirmation email (arrives from the email address Canceled appointments also receive an email dedicated to rescheduling your appointment. If you did not schedule online or would like to reschedule your appointment by phone, you can do so by calling 412-344-6700 Option 5 and a staff member will assist you with scheduling your appointment.
  • Who administers the vaccines?
    Our registered nurse, Diane, administers our vaccines. We also have several pharmacists that are licensed to immunize if needed.
  • Will I need to fill out paperwork for my vaccine?
    Yes, we are required to have you fill out a short questionnaire prior to receiving your vaccine. This is for your safety and allows us time to prepare your vaccine. Once you are finished with your paperwork, hand it back to the pharmacy clerks so that the nurse knows you are ready!
  • Can my child receive a vaccine from Lebanon Shops Pharmacy?
    Yes! Since we have our registered nurse on staff, we are able to vaccinate children as young as 6 months old! (We also have plenty of fun band-aids on hand and toys in the store, so children feel comfortable!)
  • I have a fear of needles. Can I still receive a vaccine?
    Yes! We will do everything possible to make your vaccine as quick, pain-free, and low-stress as possible. Our nurse is skilled at handling needle-phobias and will make sure you are taken care of.
  • How many vaccines can I get in one visit?
    It depends on the vaccines you would like to receive. We prefer to separate vaccinations as a precaution, even if it is safe to give them together. If you would like to receive multiple vaccinations in one visit, we will work with you to make that possible. Our nurse is happy to answer any additional or specific questions you may have.
  • I'm having trouble filling out the form for a COVID-19 vaccine. What should I do?
    Any of our staff can help you fill out the form or schedule an appointment for your COVID-19 vaccine. Give us a call at 412-344-6700 option 5 for help.
  • Who should I talk to if I have a question about a vaccine?
    Our clinical vaccine personnel includes our nurse, Diane, and one of our pharmacists, Kristi. Dialing 412-344-6700 option 4 will link you in to our nurse's voicemail. Dialing 412-344-6700 option 5 will ring within the pharmacy, where you can ask for either by name. *Please be aware that our nurse is not in every day, so while we answer all voicemails as quickly as possible, it may take us a little time to get back to you.
  • I'd like to leave a message for the nurse. How do I do that?
    Give us a call at 412-344-6700 option 4 will link you directly into Diane's voicemail. We answer all messages as quickly as possible, but please allow a few days for response as she is not in every day.
  • What does it mean when my flu shot is not covered by insurance?
    Unfortunately, some insurance plans will not pay us to administer your vaccine, as they would like you to receive it elsewhere. If your flu shot is not covered but you would still like to receive it from us, thank you! We keep our cash prices for vaccines as low as possible (using a cost-plus model to pay for our nurse and supplies). Flu vaccines cost $40 High dose flu vaccines for seniors age 65 and older cost $75 We will provide you with any materials you need to submit for reimbursement from your insurance company, including receipts, prescription labels, and verification of administration (and a stamp if you plan requires you to mail in your form). We have found that the plans that most frequently do not cover flu shots from us are UPMC plans, Giant Eagle employer plans, and those processed by Express Scripts (ESI) Pharmacy Benefit Manager. If you would like to know if your vaccine is covered ahead of time, please schedule an appointment or call us at 412-344-6700.
  • Which COVID vaccines do you have available?
    We carry Moderna, Pfizer, and Novavax for all approved age groups, including the Bivalent doses. Moderna: Primary series and Bivalent doses/boosters available for ages 6 months and up Pfizer: Primary series and Bivalent doses/boosters available for ages 6 months and up Novavax: Primary series and booster doses for ages 12 and up More information can be found on our COVID-19 vaccine page!
  • What is the newest COVID vaccine?
    Bivalent doses are the most recent addition or "update" to vaccines for COVID-19. The bivalent dose covers the Omicron subvarients BA.4 and BA.5 that emerged during the summer of 2022.
  • Who can get the newest bivalent COVID vaccine?
    Anyone 6 months of age and older can now receive a COVID-19 bivalent dose following completion of the primary series (the original vaccine). Only one single dose of the bivalent vaccine is currently recommended. Both Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are considered equal. At this time, only one dose of the Bivalent vaccine is permitted by the CDC for the majority of the population. One additional dose of Bivalent vaccine is an option for patients who are age 65 and older and/or are moderately/severly immunocompromised. Anyone age 18 and older can choose which vaccine they would like to receive: Moderna or Pfizer. Children and adolescents should receive the same vaccine as their primary dose. We understand that the newest guidelines can be confusing. With any questions, please give us a call!
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