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COVID-19 Vaccines

By order of the governor, all Pennsylvanians age 6 months and older are eligible to receive vaccination for COVID-19

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Per the Update from the CDC on April 22, 2023

  • People ages 65 years and older or those who are moderately or severely immunocompromised may receive one additional dose of the Bivalent vaccine, at least 4 months after their last Bivalent dose 

  • People ages 6 years and older who are unvaccinated or previously received only monovalent vaccine doses are recommended to receive 1 Bivalent mRNA vaccine dose

  • Children who are ages 6 months to 5 years are now recommended to receive at least one dose of Bivalent vaccine (or more) depending on vaccine of choice and vaccines previously received.

  • Monovalent mRNA vaccines (e.g., Spikevax, Comirnaty, etc.) are no longer available or offered for vaccination for all age groups. 

Per the Update from the CDC on March 16, 2023

Pediatric patients aged 6 months - 4 years who received a 3-dose primary series may now receive a Bivalent Booster as a 4th dose!

"New recommendation for children ages 6 months–4 years who previously completed a 3-dose monovalent Pfizer-BioNTech primary series to receive 1 bivalent Pfizer-BioNTech booster dose at least 2 months after completion of the monovalent primary series."

Due to storage requirements and to prevent crowding, appointments are required for all COVID-19 vaccines at this time.

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COVID-19 Vaccines Available:
Bivalent Doses are now available for ages 6 months and older!
Monovalent mRNA vaccines are no longer available.


Bivalent Vaccines for all ages:
Adults and Teens - ages 12+
age 6 - 11 years 
Pediatric - age 6 months - 5 years 

(Monovalent vaccines are no longer available)

Bivalent Vaccines for all ages:
Adults and Teens - ages 12+
Pediatric - age 5 - 11 years 
Pediatric - age 6 months - 4 years 

(Monovalent vaccines are no longer available) 

For ages 12+
Booster doses available
**Novavax is back in stock!**

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Vaccine Information

Patient Fact Sheets
Vaccine Information Statements (VIS)

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COVID-19 Vaccine Dose Schedule

*Updated as of April 22, 2023*

COVID-19 Vaccine Schedule and Algorithm for Ages 6 and Older who are Not Moderately or Severely Immunocompromised graphic
COVID-19 Vaccine Schedule and Algorithm for 5 year olds
COVID-19 Vaccine Schedule and Algorith for 6 months to 4 year olds

Additional Information 

Patients please be aware: 
Text messages may arrive as a secure message from Dr. Tom Riley, our pharmacist, through a link
This is not a scam message and allows for HIPAA compliant messaging!

Updated 4/23/2023                                         All educational content found on this page is sourced from the CDC

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