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Prescription Refills

Refilling your prescription is easy!

We offer several ways to refill


Give us a call


Refill your prescriptions online using 


RxLocal uses the information stored on your pharmacy patient profile to allow you to log in. Please use the name and phone number that you have on file at the pharmacy to create an account. If you experience problems creating an account, please leave us a message. 

Call in a Refill

Leave us a voicemail

Press Option 3

Speak with the pharmacy staff or pharmacist

Press Option 5

Information to include when leaving a prescription refill voicemail

Help us help you!

When leaving a message for an Rx Refill, information is key

Please include the following when calling in for a refill

  1. Patient name on the prescription and birth date 

  2. Rx number and/or medication name and strength 

  3. When you would like your medication to be ready* 

  4. If you would prefer to pick up or receive delivery / shipping 

    • If choosing delivery or shipping, please include your preferred method of payment

  5. A good phone number for us to reach you 

  6. Any special notes or instructions regarding your order (including any additional OTC products or general merchandise, delivery instructions, etc.)

*If your prescription is out of refills, please give us 1 - 2 days to allow your prescriber time to renew your prescription 

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