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Medicare Plan Review

If you're unsure of what Medicare plan to choose,

we've got you covered!

Medicare Open Enrollment

Occurs annually October 15 - December 7

Our pharmacists will send you a personalized list of your best Medicare plan options, including choices from​​

  • Medicare Advantage Plans

Also known as Part C​, these are "bundled" plans that include hospital, medical, and prescription drug coverage 

  • Medicare Part D Plans

These plans provide prescription drug coverage ​

  • Supplemental Plans

Also known as "Medigap" policies​, these additional plans can help you pay for your remaining out-of-pocket costs 

Benefits of our Medicare Plan Review

  • We know you!

We'll be able to give you a selection of plans that works best for you by using your health needs, your prescription drugs, and by listening to you​ 

  • Your plan will be completely personalized to you

We check for drug and network restrictions against your current pharmacy profile, and can add in any medication or provider you may need or want in the future ​

  • We present you with your best options, meaning you'll pay less for more

Some plans like to make you pay more. We check plans for premiums, deductibles, out-of-pocket costs, and total spending estimates and give you a complete comparison of the plan options that make your healthcare the most comprehensive and most affordable​

  • You'll receive a complete plan-breakdown

Depending on which plan type you choose, you'll receive a document that contains detailed specifics of what you can expect from your plan in terms of benefits and costs, including a full prescription cost summary broken down by year, month, and by drug​

  • We make it easy to enroll

We provide you with the tools needed to enroll online or by phone, or we can enroll for you!​


Stop by the pharmacy or give us a call at 412-344-6700

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